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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What to name the baby?

So far we have just been calling her Knut - as in Cute Knut the Polar Bear but we definitely won't be naming her Knut. We will be waiting until she is born to bestow the name upon her, but we have a running list of possible names and and are looking for good suggestions.

We are strongly leaning towards a name in honor of Kasthuri (Jyothi's mother) - so names that start with "K" get extra points.

I came across this site which has an amusing category called Names Easily Pronounced by Foreigners with the description:

You are living outside India or may plan to move abroad, and you want to ensure that your child's name is not mispronounced by foreigner friends.
But their website is busted so I can't actually see any of the names! Maybe they will fix it soon. Anyway, while I like the idea of an "easily pronounceable" name, it seems to me that every name is going to be hard to pronounce by someone.

On a related note, in the process of researching names, I learned something new about my name too. Apparently not only does Seth mean "appointed one" - as in the son of Adam and Eve in the Bible, but Seth (or Set) was also an evil and powerful god to the ancient Egyptians and a ruler of destruction and chaos!!

For those of you who missed the Knut reference, here's a video showing just how cute Knut is:

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Donna said...

I left a comment on your baby blog today but somewhere back in the blog, date time. i dont want to be crass but that "knut" name would cause MANY problems for your daughter at school. I would only say it could result in very crass teasing. The more "normal" the name the better (grade wise bias for teachers, and for friends. sociology study). I am now a lawyer but I majored in sociology.
You can find some beautiful names using "K" or by substituting a "C" for a "K" like Kassandra or Callie / Callista. My daughter is 15 now and her name is Jillian Faith. It could have had a "G" if needed. I am Jewish so i used the hebrew name for the "naming after" problems. Middle names work well too. beware bad initials. Kids can be cruel until maybe college. I used the hebrew word for faith for the middle name. Perhaps something like that would work for a first name or a close english translation..

Good luck.