Life Goals and other Random Nonsense: Some commonly asked questions

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some commonly asked questions

1. Why are you running a Marathon?

  • I am turning 30 in April and running a Marathon has been on my list of life goals for the last 10 years. A few months ago, I decided this was the year to check that one off of the list.
2. How did you choose the Big Sur Marathon?
  • Primarily timing and location. It occurs in the same month as my birthday, and is here in California. I also like the way it was described on the website: "Hard, grueling, mountainous, windy, spectacular, unforgiving, rewarding, spiritual, mystical and unforgettable are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe our Marathon."
3. How far is a Marathon anyway?
  • 26.2 miles (although according to wikipedia it wasn't always that long).
4. How far have you run so far?
  • Before yesterday ~ 6 miles. Yesterday I ran 8.7 miles.
5. How are you training?
  • The first step, was to commit to doing it.
  • Next I started telling family, friends and co-workers I was going to do it, with the idea that the more people who know about it, and ask me about it, the more motivated I will be to stay on top of my training.
  • Then I just started running. Simply lacing up my sneakers and putting one foot in front of the other, for 20-30 minutes at a time. A few months ago, I just started running a few times a week. Usually one or two days a week after work, and once for a little longer on the weekend.
  • I won't say I was in terrible physical shape, but I haven't done any serious running in a long time. When I did used to run, it was for soccer. I have never really run for the sake of running.
  • Then I did a little internet research and found a few blogs on first time marathon preparation. The basics all seem to be, to run ~4 times a week, starting slow and building up to ~20 miles a few weeks before your Marathon, and then resting a bit before the big run.
  • So far I have only been prepping for training... this week I will start on Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Guide - "An 18-week program that guarantees marathon success." :)
6. What's the point of this blog?
  • This blog will be my way of sharing some of the experiences and lessons I come across in training for my first marathon.

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