Life Goals and other Random Nonsense: 300 miles and 30 years

Monday, April 16, 2007

300 miles and 30 years

Two weeks ago I turned 30, and this past weekend I completed my 300th training mile. Both feel like pretty significant milestones. According to the training plan, 20 miles is longest run I am scheduled to complete before the actual day of the marathon (April 29th, 2007) and I completed that run 2 weeks ago. I am now only two weeks from the actual marathon, and I had intended to write so much more often! From what I have read, 20 miles is about as far as a person can run before they "hit the wall." A phrase used to describe the body's way of saying "you probably should not go any farther!" Completing a marathon seems to be in large parts about finding a way to get over, around, or through that wall, but I guess I won't know that until the day of the run!


kathryn said...

wow, i can't imagine running 20 miles. go seth! i am glad you were not here for the boston marathon yesterday. it was very wet and windy from the remnants of a northeaster. wishing you much better weather for yours :-)

devora moon said...

setho- you're amazing! i'm SO VERY proud of you! it's exciting anticipating your big day and the payoff for getting up so early and being so dedicated! i'll be looking to jyothi and the crew to take photos and keep me updated! yeah yeah yeah!!! you'll fly through that wall!

Harry and Lucille said...

Good luck!! Lucille and I are rooting for you. Please let us know how far you got.