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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Fox in New Sox

Of all the purchases for marathon training, one of the best so far has been new socks. To date, I have tried out 4 different kinds. I bought two pairs at Sports Basement when I bought my shoes:

And my sister got me two pairs at REI:
  • SmartWool Running Socks
  • REI Running Socks
My favorites so far are the Ultimax Running Low Cuts and the REI Running Socks. All of them have great built in arch support which I have never felt in my socks before, but the Ultimax tend to be the firmest around my arches (which I like).

I also like that the Running Low Cuts and REI ones are a little thicker than the others. It seems that they are a little less breathable but provide a little more cushion. Since it has been chilly on most of my runs, I don't miss the wind rushing through my socks, and the cushion feels good as I increase the miles.

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Jhonne said...

Smartwool running socks are my favorite. Love to wear it!